Fraxel Laser Patient Reviews

Read reviews from patients who have had Fraxel Laser treatment for skin resurfacing. To schedule an appointment to learn more about Fraxel, contact Dr. Jain in St. Petersburg.

“I looked 10 years older than I thought I did. The results are amazing. I have no doubt my treatments will improve my self-confidence, both personally and professionally. It has given me a boost to be the best I can be at 50.” -Ginger

“My skin is wrinkled and discolored. My dream is for my face to glow on that day and reflect the youth and vitality I feel inside. It will be a new beginning. It’s a great feeling to look good without any effort and not to worry about makeup. I feel lighter, freer and more confident. Because of that I am able to impact everyone around me in a more positive way.” Betsy

“I was really interested in Fraxel repair because the downtime was minimal. You don’t want to have to take a lot of time away for yourself when you’ve got others to care for, and a busy life. My skin looked really good. It still was very smooth, and, just after the first few days – which really surprised me – and then it started getting smoother, and I started noticing the lines were reduced, and just an overall fresher look. A little bit younger, a little bit more glowing. I feel really good about my skin right now, because usually when I say to people how old I am, they don’t believe that I’m as old as I am, and that I have children the age that they do.”Melinda

“I feel better about my skin. I don’t look 20, but I look like a younger version of myself. I’m really trying to be aware of wearing hats as well as a sunscreen and moisturizer. I’m trying to prevent that same old aging process from happening again.” – Lynn

“After doing a lot of research, it’s really the only company that shows before and after, and it didn’t promise these crazy, exotic results. Fraxel showed patients – actual patients, not just models and actresses speaking about a treatment they probably never had. It was very authentic, and they seemed to have realistic results. I wanted to look my age, just really good and without a lot of sun damage. I had never, ever, ever received compliments on my skin before – and now I do almost daily. I get more compliments when I’m not wearing make-up and I just have sunscreen on than I did before with the make-up on, and I love that.” – Tracy

“I didn’t have a very youthful appearance, and it was just bothering me. It looked like I got a tan, so I was able to start exercising on the third day. People at the health club said, what did you do? And at the health club, you really don’t wear makeup so that was a good feeling. Everybody really noticed a difference and that really meant a lot to me. After the first treatment, I was thrilled, of course. I just put on the moisturizer, and my skin was soft. With the second treatment it just got better, and after the third treatment, I thought, this is great!” – Elaine

“I had three Fraxel DUAL treatments on my face over the course of a year. By the seventh day, [the flaking] was all gone and I had fresh beautiful pure skin, as smooth as a baby’s bottom. It was just beautiful. My confidence level went up after the Fraxel treatment. I wear less makeup. I wear my hair back. I’m not trying to cover anything up ’cause there’s nothing to cover up.” -Jennifer

“I always just thought I had freckly skin, and as you get older and you’re in the sun, you get more freckles. It wasn’t until I started really looking a little closer and realized, I don’t think this is just freckles anymore. I noticed afterwards an overall smoothness, and texture, and just a glow, like fresh baby skin. My freckles are still there but it’s not as wow – it’s Freckle Face, you know? It’s just a smoother, I feel my skin tone is more even, and it’s fabulous.” – Cheryl