In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, the ability for patients to reach their physicians from the safety of their home via Telemedicine is of utmost importance.

Of course Telemedicine does not replace judgment of the patient and their decision to call 911 or go to emergency room if needed.

Dr. Jain uses a HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine site called KAIGIE { } for VIDEO CONSULTATIONS.

Please call Dr Jain’s office at 727-343-2568 to schedule your consult.

It is free for patients and the registration process is simple.

If you prefer you can ask Dr Jain’s office to register for you.

1. Sign in on

2. Click on new registration and give your EMAIL ADDRESS

3. You will get an EMAIL WITH LINK to register in kaigie

4. After registration you will get an activation email to log in

Meenakshi Jain MD, FACOG

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