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4.8 Stars

5 Reviews | Average Rating: 4.8

5 Stars

From the first time that I met Dr Jain I knew that I was going to be in safe hands. She did my hysterectomy, and I feel pretty good for only having a surgery a week ago. I thought I was possibly getting a UTI and Dr. Jain herself called me to find out my symptoms. You don’t get that type of care from most Dr’s. The office is also very helpful and I love when you call that you get a person and not having to go through different prompts. Thank you!

5 Stars

I had the interstim surgery for fecal incontinence in January 2018. Dr. Jain had reassured me that my problem could and would be corrected with the interstim surgery. I am so relieved and happy to report that this surgery was exactly what was needed to correct the problem of fecal incontinence.

5 Stars

Dr. Meen Jain is an excellent doctor! She did my total hysterectomy and I had no problems or complications. She is extremely knowledgeable and she cares about each and every one of her patients.

4 Stars

Absolutely love her! She takes her time and listens to you after other Drs have blown you off. She did my partial hysterctomy 4 years ago and just last week removed my right ovary.. Both due to severe endometriosis. She's a great Doctor and her office staff makes you feel at home. The ONLY complaint I would have.. And my reason for 4 stars instead of 5.. is the waiting time at appointments. I've never had a problem getting in to see her in a reasonable amount of time.. But when you are there for your apt.. Expect to be to there AT LEAST 3 hrs. You usually wait and hr and a half to 2 hrs before you even see her. I have gotten very frustrated over the wait before, but she really is worth it. I just wish they would manage the apt times better. All in all she is wonderful!

5 Stars

Dr. Jain has really helped me over the years. She knew I wanted to be a mother, and through all my issues and surgeries, I am now a proud mother of two.