MonaLisa Touch Reviews

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“I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 29. I had gone through 2 surgeries, radiation, was put on tamoxifen. And started experiencing all of the wonderful side effects of tamoxifen. This treatment is life changing. It is something that you can do without feeling scared that it’s going to make your breast cancer come back or cause other health side effects.”

“So, I’m single and I had gone a little stretch without being in an intimate relationship. And then I was in an intimate relationship and I noticed that I kept pushing away because it was painful. I thought maybe I wasn’t attracted to the person enough or he wasn’t doing his job, seriously. And it really wasn’t until later that I started realizing this was my body that was having the reaction, to be honest with you.

I actually did notice a difference after my first procedure and then going back for the second a huge difference there for me because I was an unusual case. And then between second and third, again, for me a total opening, a softening, receptivity, sensitivity that I just hadn’t had for years and years and years. And so now it’s like bring it on!

Probably what this procedure, the MonaLisa Touch, did for me is it gave me back confidence because I’m single, and it made me want to date again because I felt like I could have a full relationship. I feel like I don’t have to hold back anymore. I can be spunky and playful and confident and alive and vibrant, and just bring everything that I have back to the table because I think I was holding back. There’s no need to, there’s really no need to hold back anymore.”

“After seeing the ad in the paper, I did a little investigating on the internet and decided it was worth checking out further and called my doctor’s office and got in for a consultation. After meeting with her and seeing how optimistic she was about it and that she felt I was a good candidate, I went ahead and said ‘Let’s do this.’

It’s very easy. There’s really no preparation, there’s no anesthetic. So you come in to the office, the procedure is 5 minutes, maybe, there’s no pain involved.

It gives you hope because if you’ve been having issues for a long, long time, and for me it was years and years and years. And I tried lots and lots of things, both homeopathic and prescription things with my doctors. This provided, not only hope for me, but hope for my husband. It gives a certain amount of comfort and a certain amount of willingness to jump in and try.

It helps me to feel like I can be in touch with being just a woman again, because that goes away a bit if you’re having troubles like that, and it can really affect your self confidence and your self esteem. I think that was a plus that I wasn’t really considering that just happened.

It was very easy to say let’s try this, and I’m really happy that I did.”

“Being a gynecological and obstetrical nurse, I think I have a certain perspective on women’s health in general. I think that’s also given me a great deal of insight as to how very life-changing this procedure can be, as a patient and as a nurse. My biggest fear about the procedure was not so much the discomfort, as I trust my doctor. My biggest fear about the procedure was that it would not be effective. After 2 weeks after the MonaLisa Touch procedure, it was like being a younger woman again. It was amazing. I feel like I recaptured my intimacy. I would tell any of my friends that are experiencing the things that I experienced to please investigate this, it can be the answer for you.

When you reach a certain age group, men’s issues it seems are acceptable to be discussed in social media and the medical environment, and women’s issues don’t seem to get the same attention. It takes 2 to tango. There’s a revolution in women’s sexual well-being, and it’s the MonaLisa Touch.”